The Chaos fungorum mixes are seasonal products, made each autumn for sale primarily during the winter bare root planting season. To keep the mixture as viable and diverse as possible we collect spores right up until we start dispatching orders in the autumn. Therefore the mixes change composition slightly each year depending on what species we can get our hands on.

Our Forestry Mix is the most diverse Рthis year including 25 ectomycorrhizal species. It is suitable for all forms of tree planting, ensuring the right mycorrhizal partners for your trees are there from the outset.

Our Edible Forest Garden Mix is also diverse but contains the spores of only edible ectomycorrhizal species. As well as giving your trees the benefits of inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi, this will give you the best chance of creating perennial edible mushrooms patches around your trees.

Below are the species lists for this year’s Edible Forest Garden Mix and Forestry Mix

Edible Forest Garden Mix 2019/20

Forestry Mix 2019/20