Edible Forest Garden Mix – 240g – treats up to 120 trees!
October 14, 2016
Forestry Mix – 5kg – treats up to 2500 trees!
October 31, 2016
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Forestry Mix – 1kg – treats up to 500 trees!


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Chaos fungorum Forestry Mix
For natural root growth – the most diverse mycorrhiza mixes available!

Made from 25 painstakingly collected native species, this mix will provide suitable mycorrhizal partners for any tree, boosting tree growth, and encouraging the rapid development of a diverse, healthy, living soil. Contains over 2000 spores per gram mixed with finely graded bio-char from sustainably coppiced British woodland, plus natural additives to encourage mycelial growth – ideal for plantations, new woodlands, orchards and hedging. 

Planting instructions –
For large bare root or container grown trees sprinkle approximately 20g (2 tablespoons / a small handful) of mix directly into the planting hole when planting into their final position. Take care not to inhale the dust. When planting large numbers of small trees close together (i.e. hedging/new woodland) as little as 2g mix (1 level teaspoon/ a pinch) can be used per tree. 1kg is enough for 50 – 500 trees.

Keep tighly sealed in a cool dark place. Best results will be had if used within 4-5 months of purchase. If possible we highly recommend storing your mix tightly sealed in the fridge – this will help maintain maximum viability for the longest possible time. Kept sealed in the fridge this mix will remain viable for at least one year.
Please note, this mix is specifically formulated for trees. Not suitable for ericaceous plants or brassicas. For advice on specific plants email